Saturday, June 27, 2009

Alanah Rae

I had the pleasure of seeing Alanah Rae dance last night at Al's Diamond Cabaret (Reading PA).

Pre-club Impressions of Alanah:
Alanah is relatively new to the porn industry, and I fell for her at first sight on the naughtyamerica website (since then she has also appeared on Brazzer numerous times). My initial impression was to classify Alanah as a natural beauty. I realize that good lighting and a skilled makeup artist can do amazing things, but it appeared as if Alanah would look good al natural - without makeup. This is a huge bonus in my book. Nevertheless, my first exposure to Alanah was pre-breast enhancement. I never thought that Alanah needed enhancement (a solid C cup), but I also wasn't disappointed with her new DD breats. In fact, I think it is a very good looking boob job. I'm not a guy who is turned off by fake boobs because many of my favorite pornstars have them. Either way Alanah is breathe-taking with her gorgeous face and killer body. I had become quite fond of Alanah, and when I saw she was coming to a club near me, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to see her in person.

Review of Alanah:
I caught Alanah at the late showing, and she came out on stage in some sexy police officer lingerie complete with boy-shorts; a tight top button-up top, exposing her stomach; sunglesses; handcuffs; and a hat. I'm not typically a fan of this lingerie style, but Alanah quickly made me a temporary convert. Throughout the first song she worked her way out of this outfit to reveal a tiny black scruntch-butt string bikini. HOT!!! I have to say that Alanah's body is rockin'. In my opinion she is perfectly symetrical, and I couldn't find a flaw on her. I don't even remember what songs she danced to, so that says something about her beauty.

In the midst of her second song Alanah revealed her fantastic breasts before seductively removing her bottoms. She was completely nude by her third and final song. I loved when she squeezed her breasts around the pole, sliding them up and down. After the stage routine, Alanah made her rounds through the crowd, rubbing against guys and even laying down across the bar at one point. Consequently, I got to see her up close, and I can confirm that she is just as beautiful in person as she is on film, if not better looking. I can only say this about a few of the pornstars that I've met, putting her in the same class as Memphis Monroe and Audrey Bitoni.

And now the constructive criticism. To be honest, Alanah's dancing is not the best that I've seen. In fact, it leaves much to be desired. I give her credit in that she walks the stage with confidence, but, unfortunately, that was a large part of her show. She strutted back and forth between the two poles like a runway model but way too much, pausing momentarily to dance against the pole. At times I felt like I was watching a tennis match, watching her walk from one side back to the other. Additionally, there was pretty much no pole routine. I can't recall her feet ever leaving the ground. Finally, her crowd interaction was minmal. She only laid down on the stage twice to give a few guys some up-close and personal interaction. I wish that Alanah had worked the crowd more. However, she did include a sexy crawl across the stage on all-fours, which was to die for!

While Alanah is not a top-notch dancer, she does bring some enterainment value. I think that her gorgoues looks alone are well-worth the price of admission. If you don't need a stellar dance routine, then take the plunge and go see her in person. Alanah is likely to improve with experience, and I hope that she comes back to the area in the near future. I'll make the hour drive again to go see her.

Looks: 10
Performance: 7